Tartan Doodles ...

who love hobby breeding in their home!

Our Purpose

Our mission is to provide quality, happy, healthy pups for lifelong companions.
We are excited to aid you in your journey of finding the perfect companion you can love ALWAYS!

We love all of our adorable puppies, and desire that each puppy finds the perfect forever home where it will be adored and appreciated.

Our Program

The family setting. 

We take great pride in our “teddy bears” and treat them as part of the family!  We spend time with our furry family daily by cuddling them, talking to them, and playing with them. They have outdoor kennels where they can romp and play, but can also hustle in through the doggie door in case of bad weather.

Our Pledge

To read our Tartan Doodles puppy guarantee, click the button below.

Our Breeds

Poodles and doodles are very intelligent, quick to learn, eager to please. They are affectionate and super adorable!  They absolutely LOVE people and are loyal companions. Both breeds are hypoallergenic/low shedding which makes them a great choice for people with allergies or for those who live in apartments.
Both poodles and golden doodles come in different sizes; standard, medium, mini, petite mini, and toy.
Tartan Doodles currently specializes in petite-mini golden doodles and mini poodles. Their small size makes them great for snuggle buddies!

Our Care

  • We work closely with our local veterinarian (Dr. Baker) and follow her advice.
  • Our mothers & studs are all health checked, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, & DNA tested (using Canine Health Check, a division of Paw Print Genetics).
  • Here’s a letter from our vet:

“We at Smith County Animal Clinic work closely with Tartan Doodles in preventative care, pre and post natal care of the dams, and early care of the puppies.  Puppies are examined and given their first vaccines in the clinic.  Tartan Doodles takes excellent care of all of their dogs.  They take care to breed good-natured, high quality dogs.  We always look forward to working with them.”   – Dr. Hannah Baker


  • We feed our dogs with Purina Pro-Plan puppy food (focus DHA for brain and vision).


  • We give our dogs filtered water using the Berkey system, and their bowls are sanitized regularly.
  • We use as many natural treatments as we can for any health needs that our dogs may have.  They are given Breeder’s Edge Multi Vitamins daily, DES Health-Gard Fast Acting Probiotic, & Breeder’s Edge Pre-Pro Biotics as needed.
  • Our moms are given the Breeder’s Edge Pre-Natal vitamins when expecting.
  • We love our moms and never over or interbreed them!
  • We brush our pups regularly to keep their coats fluffy, cute, and free from tangles.
  • Our dogs are bathed weekly  (bi-weekly in winter).
  • We mop our kennels each week with kennel cleaner.  (I’m germaphobic!)
  • We exercise our own pups appropriately every day, and spend time training them on basic commands.
  • New litters are socialized and handled daily.
  • We begin potty training the pups at 4 weeks of age, using grass mats.